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Welcome to /pol/. A place to discuss politics & news. Global rules apply. Spoiler any NSFW content.

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Qfags are retarded

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post 'em
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where did that take place? I have to know
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Too bad they can't find one single rosey colored dead body.

lolollololol holocausters BTFO
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Yes please
Kek judging by the store sign it looks like somewhere in Spain?

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Never take the venom.
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>>121 (OP) 
They want to forcefully inject the venom into people.

Kill everyone that supports the venom.

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clandestine nuclear activity is easy to do, just look at iran and nk.
hitting pols is incredibly easy and even a literal tard like pic related could do it
fidel castro killed kennedy
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>fidel castro killed kennedy
sure nigga, lol
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why not? castro could kill any u.s. pol at will which is why there was no retaliation against him.
both jack and bobby sent spooks to kill castro but he hit them first. it's really not that hard to figure out it's just that stating the obvious is bad for the cottage industry of 1000s of conspiracy books.
tldr the conspiracy jew and the money jew are always the same
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>tldr the conspiracy jew and the money jew are always the same
because it is true, even your delusional Castro conspiracy if were true, which is not, would have been financed by the USSR, which was a creation of the jews, wake up
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>financed by the USSR
perhaps, but so what? the ussr just gave money to him as reward for being commie, not telling him how to use it.
do you think the u.s. could control and dictate how all the billions of dollars it bribed pakistani, afghani, iraqi warlords, etc. got spent? it all went into luxury homes and other expensive shit for themselves, not helping their own people or sucking america's dick like a slave.
castro had legions of committed and loyal followers, who were american citizens, and who were ready to obey his every command for free out of their commie idealism.
u.s. failed miserably multiple times to kill castro, all under kennedy's authority and direction via the cia.
if someone that powerful is constantly trying to kill you, you have nothing to lose in trying to kill them first.
castro gave zero fucks about what the soviets thought about him. look how he reacted after the fall of the ussr. he didn't budge or retreat one millimeter from his beliefs.
alpha as fuck

y'all damn raycis up in here
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>>81 (OP) 

seethe nigga
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>>81 (OP) 
At least the images work here!
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>>81 (OP) 
>>81 (OP) 
>y'all damn raycis up in here
fuckkng stupid nigger shit

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glory to ukraine
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> geroyam slava


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> women
Was Qaddafi a prophet?
just kill the fucking adam shifflers and dianne goldstiens already ffs fuck

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Jew moment.

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