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Coming very soon, we need to do a few more things, and it'll be ready when it is here. :)

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>he didn't read the filename 
Oh, you sweet sweet fool. It is not 2020 anymore.
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i'm still working ok

Why lock >>1944?
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>>1957 (OP) 
Didn't mean to. I mean, did you want more music or..?

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just stop talking and lying about me, and this will all happen
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I'm... kind of tired. 
Tired of doing things and then halting temporarily..
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Did you compose this?
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Unnamed_Fanfare.mp3 (u)
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dude that's a game file 
this is what i composed
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Oh I see. I guess it's not the worst thing I've heard.

Before we go any further I think it is important that everyone know the proper way to fuck a donkey. There are several approaches, but none more efficient than this one. I prefer to call this the "Backdoor Cut" approach, but it is also known in parts of Appalachia as "Slapjacking," "Mule Greasing," and "The Old Rough n' Tumble."

What You'll Need

a) 30' rope - polypropylene or vinyl will work, but I prefer some good ole-fashioned Manila. This rope needs to be at least 1/2" in diameter with 2300 lb. + breaking strength. Donkeys have a tendency to get all riled up when you try to fuck them.

b) A standard 2 x 4 at least 2' in length. I've also used a baseball bat when I've been in a pinch, and I've got several friends who prefer to use an iron tire tool. It doesn't matter really, as long as it's 2' in length, and can withstand a pissed off donkey.

c) Pocketknife. I've still got a Swiss Army knife that I got for my 13th birthday. Any pocketknife will do as long as it's good and sharp.

Once you've gathered together all of your equipment and found yourself a healthy young donkey, everything else pretty much falls into place.

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>>1945 (OP) 
nobody gonna do your donkey fucking 
like god, do you ever do anything else sexual besides fucking a donkey and no not a real one. Please don't fuck a real donkey
>>1945 (OP) 
Thank you, this will be helpful for creating Mackzone

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I thought of doing that as well but decided not to because it costs way too much fucking money for a .tv domain
Hurry it the fuck up.
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Hurry. Up. Now.
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>says the guy who has come up with 30 unfinished projects
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I'm starting on ONE of them.

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he's drowning in an ocean of piss
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why is he swimming in piss?
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A0FCDB0B-9ED8-4853-9097-51C0EBDA1C54.png (u)
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He's not swimming in piss. He never was, it was just water.
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no you moron 
there is no toilet water
Cats can't swim under water. He's dying.
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wudi_by_woodyentgroup_db6uj3r.png (u)
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he's a fluffery cat, he isn't dying. 
and ofc scientifically speaking it's a drawing 
drawings don't have flesh or blood in them
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I would like to see a new animated video. Like that short about Mittens going outside was, or LOLE news. Literally anything animated/in video format.
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Hello Jake
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Hello Klim.
That's actually pretty good.
Amazing video.
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any more you want to the test 
who even is this?

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boring dead board
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9B8D815C-674D-4ECB-9649-90AFAC37B737.jpeg (u)
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>>1884 (OP) 
Make it alive then
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why? you barely post on it yourself
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I'm busy 
Simple as..
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363963314d5077b986eda6d828512c7bf8f550bd30c02a70d3d2c2ee3a17a35b.jpg (u)
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Is this one of your as well? I saw this on bant. is it fanart
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No, for the left the only one I made is the unedited. I don't search for poop images and put it on there, that'd be Klim.

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