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We have a few rules we'd like you to follow

1. No cp or animal crush stuff any of that shit will be moderated instantly.

2. No spam. 

3. No right wing faggot posts ok any right wingers can ask questions to leftists and what not but no right wing bullshit please. 

4. We allow topics on identity politics cause we aren't cucks to Liberals like leftypol.org so feel free to post stuff about race ethnicity sexual orientation gender etc.

5. Don't worry about having your memes and shitposts being deleted or getting banned you can freely post your memes here within /leftypol/. 

6. Any graphic posts will be checked by mods to check if its ok for /leftypol/ this is a mostly sfw board but we sometimes make exceptions to this stuff.

Please follow these rules and you will be just fine that's all we ask enjoy /leftypol/.
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Yes, mixed race babies are beautiful and you should try creating as many as possible of them

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Class politics are identity politics, economic classes are identities just like social classes are.
"Anti-idpol" leftism, dirtbag leftism and non-intersectional "classical" marxism are deeply oxymoronic and self-contradicting ideologies, which explains why anti-idpol leftists always end up either embracing identity politics (either "lib" or right-wing ones) or going full NazBol/Strasserist.
I encourage you to disprove this fact without using pseud and schizophrenic terminology like "materialist analysis" and "pure ideology" or without appealing to the typical right-wing narrative that our current elites are unfair and that the "proletarians" need to be the elite but that somehow "lumpenproletarians" are the exception to the rule.

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Hey all,
just a quick thought ive had:
ive been having a discussion on the fact that plato believed in the philosopher kings: i.e the philosophers should rule.

Communism is the idea that everyone regardless of rank gets the same.
Most communists have tainted leaders therefore resulting in non communism.

Could communism work in an oligarchy (of philsophers) ? where the ruling philosopher understood the need for communism and its ideas resulting in that particular ruler taking the same.

also i would just like to point out that i do not believe in communism.
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>>103 (OP) 
Well Marxism is described as modern liberation basically another form of communism none of the stuff you see now a days is related to platos theory of communism communism can be whatever someone describes it as which is the problem but Marxism is the more popular lick of communism and socialism.
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I like cock

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The death of a state or establishment of people to form is such a beautiful yet sad concept there are multiple examples being the soviet Union yugoslavia and yes even nazi Germany and fascist Italy is a prime example of the state dying its such a beautiful yet upsetting sight to see.

What do you think?
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Your American your the biggest faggot going multicultural imperialism sure is shit isn't it yank.
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Who are you kidding, faggot? Commies and leftists are all about pushing ((( diversity ))) everywhere they spread their AIDS.
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Not true that's all propaganda made by a zionist jew and I bet you know the truth you just refuse because you know your gonna get assassinated by some Jewish Israeli spy.
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Redpill me on non-jewish leftism that is against rootless mixed races
really it is simple. all non religious jews should be murdered.

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Depends what you mean by Jews are we talking the jewish masters that are pulling strings making capitalism a work wide ploy of economic domination or are we talking about Yiddish idiots like the one OP posted.
yes this. jews are fucking disgusting filth scum. parasites. no one has the balls to fucking just kill an AJ. if each whyteboi just sniped a fucking AJ it would be over in a year. whytes are scared bitches.

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You retards, you are starting a colony in a right wing cesspit site and you allowed image uploads, haven't assigned auto bans for certain words, didn't force captchas on all post and I assume you do not have a proper anti-spam system

I have created >>>/ultra/ and I would like to invite you there, I can give mod powers to the creators of this board.
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>>26 (OP) 
>I would like to invite you there
No thanks, I'm already retarded.
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this it our outpost to convert /pol/tards to the truth
>>26 (OP) 
You sound like the leftcum mexican aren't you
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>A fucking germ

That explains your autism

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Post Labour wave content as well as communist or anarchist aesthetic images media webm or mp4 doesn't matter as long as it fits the subject.
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>>96 (OP) 
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soviet-afghan war footage
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The stalin express
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>>96 (OP) 
Here is some hoxha wave stuff here you go comrade.
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what about putin?
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How dare you compare some capitalist dog with glorious Stalin?!

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Post funneh stuff here.
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Doesn't matter. All the dirty American taxpayer money went into the hands it was meant to go to. It was a stunningly successful operation if you were smart enough to understand how the game is played.

No one gives a shit about that stone age garbage dump. Not even their neighbors.
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at least they are a Nation.
Replies: >>92
black pride worldwide white boi


>the hands it was meant to go to
are you even a leftist?
the talifags are rightoids
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Ha there's something in your eye.

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