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Welcome at /fungi/!
There are no rules except Global rules and that you should be disscusing topics somehow related to Fungi e.g. mushroom hunting. Enjoy!
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I'm an ant! Help! I'm tripping out.
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Whens the last time your sex worker had a yeast test?
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Evil meme :D
>>5 (OP) 
its like it got hit by a smash brother

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Post some cool music
Radical Mycology Mixtape Vol. 1 https://youtu.be/X_HkGSd3Ls0
Garรกลพ - Muchomลฏrky bรญlรฉ https://youtu.be/I7-HNDQ0l_w
Bosozoku - Mochomลฏrka https://youtu.be/CMH5w047wRA
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Ok, so I tried to translate it(btw even czech translations on the web are wrong):

One day you will take a walk through green forest
Then you will just ask "God, where am I?"
Suddenly you will see in yourself
Green little mushrooms in black grave, when I told You

Green little mushrooms from black forest
Fucking addiction, supposedly gestures supposedly gestures
They are our mind and foreign dreams
They are taking our meaning, taking, yooooo oooo
I am addicted yayaya yayayaya

*some sounds
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I took a shot at translating it myself, but I have to say, it's retarded and I can't understand 10% of the song and 25% are just bold assumptions:

Once you'll take a walk through a green forest
Then you'll only ask; God where am I?
Suddenly you'll see for yourself; green shrooms in a black grave
When I said to you; green shrooms from a black forest
Fucking addiction, allegedly gestures, allegedly gestures are our minds and alien dreams, they're taking, taking our purpose yoooooooo
I'm addicted, yayayayaya, yayayya

You already have a plan, so where is it
Where is it, where is it is it istitisitisit?!??!

We're begging for money, luck and uninterest
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Polite sage, forgot one more thing.
>hey're taking, taking our purpose yoooooooo
Purpose here could mean purpose, meaning or sanity, not quite sure.
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Oh, I see you have found that one bad lyrics. This part: "You already have a plan, so where is it
Where is it, where is it is it istitisitisit?!??!" is completely made up bullshit. It is more like those yayaya heyoheyo parts. No lyrics, just making sounds. There are also more totally off parts of her translation. For example she wrote "My uลพ nemusรญme a ne platit nรกjem. Za tenhle svฤ›t, kdyลพ to nejde." where it should be "My uลพ nemusรญme a ne platit nรกjem. Za tenhle svฤ›t, ten ฤernej kvฤ›t." The girl that posted those lyrics on the net was propably wasted/high as fuck at that time or deaf. I mean these lyrics(and honestly I could not find any other): https://www.karaoke-lyrics.net/lyrics/neresti/zeleny-houbicky-235495

Btw I originaly came to post this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7hjN6YUZtvk

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Radical_Mycology-A_Treatise_On_Seeing_&_Working_With_Fungi.jpg (u)
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Anyone got pdfs of these?

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